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STFU With Your Language!

STFU With Your Language. There are two things we can control. What goes in our mouths. What comes out. Americans struggle with both. I will spare you my thoughts on the high price of obesity. It’s hard to pass up a good cheeseburger, I get it. What should be easier, with a little self control,…
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The Truth about Girl-on-Girl Office Crime

The Truth about Girl-on-Girl Office Crime. Ok, we get it. Some men behave badly, and women shouldn't have to put up with it. Whether it's the corporate culture at Uber, the President's tweets about bleeding women, navel gazing in Silicon Valley about women in tech, it's a wild world out there. Yet few women speak…
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Donald Trump Will Make Journalism Great Again

Donald Trump Will Make Journalism Great Again. The President of the United States has referred to reporters as America’s enemies—despite the fact that most reporters covering him are Americans. He calls stories which question his administration “fake news.” His press secretary has barred certain news organizations from so-called “gaggles” at the White House. The traditional…
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